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    Ryanne Caldwell

    That would be cool.

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    Stewart Polley

    Until such time that Whatsapp have an API that we can use this is unfortunately not possible.

    They have released an API similar to Facebook's, which is designed mainly designed for "chat bot" like services, which we can't make use of right now.

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    Bruce McClenahan

    ChurchBot provides this capability on Facebook Messenger. Volunteers receive roster reminders and updates, and can query people, services, rosters, groups and songs via chat. see

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    Chris Rowland

    This would be great, guys. Understood that there is not yet an API available. But here in South Africa, Whatsapp is the primary communication tool for most parents. We simply cannot use SMS or email options available in Elvanto.

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    Wayne Connor

    It looks like this is now available in WhatsApp API? 

    Does this mean it will possibly be made available to Elvanto?

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