Is there a release date for the API v2?



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    Stewart Polley

    With V2 of our app now out, it shouldn't be far away, although I don't have an exact timeframe yet. 

    Please note though that V2 will be released in stages, and the initial release won't have the same set of endpoints as V1 does.

    Depending on what you're wanting to achieve, it may be best to start off with V1, and when the relevant endpoints are released, move over to V2.

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    Hi Stewart, 

    Any news on when this is going to be released?

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    Stewart Polley

    Hi Nim,

    Not yet unfortunately. I was expecting it to be released shortly after V2 of the app was released, but the developers are ironing out a few little things still.

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    David Kahn

    Are we there yet? Lol.. any update on v2, Stewart?


    What's coming with API v2? Do you have a feature list you can release?

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